Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And The Winner Is...and Other Mumbo-Jumbo

It has been a crazy week. I've been doing my best to keep up on all of your blogs, but finding time to write something of substance has proven difficult. And you're not getting it now either.

Remember the giveaway I offered for my 100th post party? Well, I have finally randomly picked a winner. The $25 Fandango gift card goes to The Single Girl!

Thank you all so much for participating!

As for why I have been so busy and my brain is having trouble producing intelligent thought: I am getting older. I am still recovering from the Jimmy Buffett concert on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, Leland and I woke up in time to meet the drunk bus with a bunch of strangers. The drunk bus was taking us to the Jimmy Buffett concert. And since it was Leland and I, along with another member of our wolf pack Rachel, naturally we brought the beer bong. We started doing beer bongs at 10am.

The concert was a typical Jimmy Buffett concert. People got drunk. People got naked. I'm happy to say I succeeded in keeping my clothes on this year. That hasn't been the case in years past.

So, like I was saying, we started drinking at 10am. After a while, things like this started happening:

I think my ass was wet and I was trying to get the heat from the grill to dry it off. I think.

Then Leland decided to give a guy a lap dance.

I think they both enjoyed it, but they were also both very drunk.

I don't really know what is going on in this picture.

They were all strangers when we met, but a countless number of beers and margaritas later, we left as friends. And they were all kind enough to post the incriminating photos on facebook.

I know the concert was on Saturday and I should totally be back to myself by now, but it has been a really long time since I spent....hold on while I count...15 hours drinking. I was pretty much wrecked on Sunday and then this whole week has been so tiring and stressful at work. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. Thank goddess for the 3-day weekend coming up. I just don't bounce back the way I used to. It's a sad story.


Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...


Yessss to winning (yay!) and to crazy-concert-all day drinking-madness-guy on guy lapdances-new margarita best friends-nonsense.

Maybe not 'yesssss' to 3 day hangovers but the pictures remain long after the grogginess fades...makes it totally worth it, huh?


David Kames said...

looks like you had fun ;-)
and these are all reasons I don't have facebook...

Cathy said...

Yes! That is my kind of weekend....ok that WAS my kind of weekend until I realized I was getting old. Now I do things like go to the science museum?? What happened?

Glad you had a fun time, even if it left you with a three day hangover!

Sassy Chica said...

Sounds like a hell of a time!!

You only have one life to live, glad to read you are living it up!!

Sassy Chica

Anonymous said...

I totally love Jimmy concerts! Glad you had fun!

MommyBrain said...

Oh, so envious ... JB is a favorite of mine and my husband ... since our days living in FL. And, god, a margarita sounds delicious ... too bad I've got four months of pregnancy ahead of me!

Mandy said...

Wasted away again in Yankee Girl land....

Hahaha! Love it! You're young and vibrant, why not push the envelope and drink like a fish?

Jimmy sure brings out the best in people. I'll never forget the time I sat next to my dad in the truck on our drive to Ohio and together we sang, "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw?" LOL. It was a surreal but funny moment.

So what fun will you be doing this weekend? Trying out that new pole dancing toy that is hitting the markets? ;-)

Beth Dunn said...

I know I'm usually exhausted from the weekend until about Wednesday. So sad. Have fun this weekend! xoxo

Vodka Logic said...

I have been to lots of gigs but never JB will have to put it on my list...wanna go with me?

Intense Guy said...

I hope you rotated your butt a quarter turn half way through the warming/cooking process so that you could get those cross hatched sear marks everyone likes.


Looks like you had a lot of fun - too bad when you get older (and you is still a young un) it takes longer and longer to recover from it all.

Anonymous said...

this looks so fun!! lol it's ok... as you've read it took me a few days to get back to normal too!!! lol

Organic Meatbag said...

yes, the grill ass warming is awesome! Hahaha!

yellowdoggranny said...

oh man..i remember, um..months like that..

Carma Sez said...

priceless picture of the butt drying :D

Congrats to The Single Girl!

Stephanie Faris said...

You guys know how to have fun!

My boyfriend always talks about how drinking affects him now that he's older. I keep telling him it's all about dehydration and he needs to drink more water along with the alcohol, but he just looks bored!

Hit 40 said...

Gosh! You party hard. I think... I have drank maybe a few hours at a time?? I am impressed. Quality hubby time in Margaritavile.

...oh shit. Now I need to go pour one on the rocks with some salt on the rim!!

Glamour Girl said...

Um....Yankee Girl, where HAVE you been all my life?

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling have yourself a fabulous weekend!!

Love & Hugs
Duchess ♥♥♥

JennyMac said...

Congrats to Single Girl.

Fun pics! Buffett concerts are SUCH a great party.