Thursday, August 27, 2009

My 100th Post Party!

This is my 100th post! I know, I can't believe it either! In honor of my 100th post, I am throwing a little party. For your reading pleasure, and then later so you all can mock me and make fun of me, I have listed 100 things about myself.

Please stick around after the list because I have an award to pass on, as well as something fun to giveaway! My first giveaway ever! I hope you enjoy the party!

100 things that you probably had no interest in knowing but I am telling you anyway:

1. I am the self-proclaimed best parallel parker in the world.
2. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel will always be on my top 5 list of favorite songs.
3. I once danced with Leland to I Believe in Life After Love by Cher at a gay bar in New Orleans. Until a guy pushed me out of the way and started dancing with Leland.
4. I am the middle child.
5. I chased Leland for 6 months before he agreed to date me.
6. I broke my tail bone 3 times.
7. I love public speaking. Put me in front of a million people who want to (or have to) listen to what I have to say and I would be giddy with delight.
8. I am a Polish girl.
9. I have 4 tattoos.
10. I love Harry Connick, Jr….
11. …and Memphis Belle.
12. I don’t believe in sending greeting cards. I think they are the biggest waste of 3 dollars ever.
13. Though I will send out Valentine’s Day cards to everyone I know. Everyone likes getting a card on Valentine’s Day. If you want me to send you one, email me your address and I’ll add it to my list!
14. I love brownies.
15. I suck at doing yard work.
16. I was a Girl Scout for an embarrassingly long amount of time,
17. but I loved every minute of it.
18. I love reading about fisherman, whether it be Alaskan crab, Maine lobster, sea or small lake, I think it is so interesting.
19. I love to sing out loud with the windows down and get strange looks from people in other cars.
20. I have a BA in English from Roosevelt University in Chicago.
21. I was the first woman in my family to graduate from college.
22. I once went to San Francisco simply because I wanted to have dinner at my favorite restaurant. I live in Illinois.
23. I’m really good at the game Battleship.
24. I will not play the game Cranium. Every time I play it, it ends in a fight. So I stopped playing.
25. I love the TV show Friends. I am married to Monica. Though I would compare Leland to Monica, he never believed how similar they were until I got him to sit down and watch all 10 seasons with me. Now he sees what I am talking about.
26. I bruise like a peach. A little thing like a whack from the dog’s tail will leave a bruise that will last 10 days.
27. I’m solar-powered. I do not function well on cloudy days.
28. I love wine. All kinds of wine.
29. I have worked with animals for 12 years.
30. When I’m at my day job, I hardly do any work at all. I am quite the slacker who spends most of my time blogging.
31. I play piano.
32. I love the water so much that I think I was a water mammal in a past life…if I believe in past lives. I still haven’t decided.
33. When I see water, I have to drink it or touch it. If I hear water, I have to see it, drink it or touch it. Just typing this is making me reach for my water cup.
34. One day I’ll have a pond in my backyard so I can swim on every single beautiful day.
35. I am very opinionated. So opinionated that sometimes people don’t want to talk to me.
36. I have expensive taste but don’t have the money to support it.
37. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is my favorite book.
38. It is because of this book that I am no longer a “yes” girl.
39. Now I say “no” so much that plenty of people think I do it on purpose just so I can be disagreeable.
40. I hate having plans on Sundays. Leland and I like to have Sundays free to do whatever we want and not have to worry about other commitments.
41. My favorite holiday is apple picking in the fall with my family. Though I am only 28, it has been a family tradition for 30 years.
42. I make the world’s best chili. Just ask Leland.
43. I love to bake and then give away the yummy treats.
44. I was a “good” girl for most of my life. I didn’t do the typical teenage rebellion until after high school.
45. I participated in the Breast Cancer 3-Day. It was awesome and I would do it again if I knew I would be able to raise the required $2200 for a second time.
46. I love the Archie comic books.
47. And was upset to find out that Archie is proposing to Veronica.
48. I love getting the wave from other motorcyclists when I am on my bike.
49. The first concert I went to was New Kids on the Block when I was in fourth grade (I think).
50. I also went and saw them with my sisters last October. It was fun but super cheesy.
51. I have a weird obsession with veins. Maybe it’s because of all of the blood draws that I do from working with animals. Whenever I see someone with veins that pop out, I have to fight the urge to poke it. Leland has awesome jugular veins, and since he is really the only person whose veins I can poke, I poke it all the time. I like the way they bounce.
52. I have a very hard time keeping plants alive. Indoor or outdoor, if they need a lot, or even a little attention, it will most likely die.
53. One of the reasons Leland’s parents no longer talk to us is because I killed some of their plants. I did not do it on purpose.
54. I always wish on stars.
55. I pretty much always cry at movies, unless it’s super funny. However, even a silly RomCom will make me shed a tear or two. I am a sap.
56. Leland and I just watched I Love You, Man and I actually teared up at the end when Paul Rudd and Jason Segel were professing their love for each other. I am a sucker for a good bromance.
57. My favorite RomCom is Love Actually. It always puts me in a good mood.
58. I steal postage stamps from my work. I have been doing it for 8 years and have no plans on stopping.
59. Taking a shower is a dangerous thing for me to do. I slip in the tub at least once a week.
60. I used to have really bad road rage. I have gotten over it, but now I have serious parking lot rage.
61. I have an unhealthy obsession with brownies.
62. I am addicted to books. I cannot go into a book store without spending at least $50.
63. I love the way books smell. Whenever I pick up a book I immediately flip it open and stick my nose in it. If there was a cologne that smelled like books I would make Leland wear it.
64. I used to have an aquatic turtle that I called The Flo. She was the most expensive pet I have ever owned.
65. Tulips are my favorite flower,
66. though sunflowers come in at a close second.
67. I was a fighter when I was younger. I threw more punches in high school than most people do in their lives.
68. Over half of those punches were thrown while I was wearing my cheerleading uniform.
69. I have only punched boys who picked on me or made inappropriate comments toward me.
70. I once poisoned myself with Rhubarb. At six years old, I had no idea the leaf was poisonous. To this day I cannot eat rhubarb.
71. I am a fruit snob. I only eat apples I pick from the tree and only eat oranges if they are shipped to me from a grove in Florida.
72. I like apples but hate apple pie.
73. I don’t flush the toilet after every time I pee. I flush it about every third time. Doing this shaves $120 off of my water bill every year. Good for my pocketbook and the environment.
74. I have been to several Jimmy Buffett concerts.
75. One year my breasts were featured on
76. It was the year I went to the concert with my parents. No, they weren’t there to see me lift my shirt.
77. It bothers me when people ask me questions they already know the answer to. For instance, when I’m working at the animal clinic and my manager asks me if I’ve checked the blood pressure on Rocky yet. The answer is clearly no because I have not initialed the treatment sheet yet and you have been watching me take x-rays since you asked me to do it. If you want to remind me to do it, then simply say “don’t forget to get the BP on Rocky.” Easy enough.
78. It also bothers me when people ask me to teach them how to ride the Harley. I have only been riding for 2 months and am not qualified to teach anyone. Besides, I really don’t want you to wreck my bike. If you had your own bike to learn on, that would be a different story.
79. When a telemarketer calls at work, I like to put them on hold and see how long they will wait. The longest a telemarketer had waited was about 17 minutes.
80. Yellow was once my favorite color simply because it seemed that it was no one else’s favorite color and I felt bad for it. That’s right, I took pity on the color yellow. It grew on me and now I actually really like it though my favorite color is now green. Any shade of green.
81. I also took pity on orange Starbursts. Orange and yellow were always tossed aside for the red and pink and since I was already being nice to yellow, I decided orange would be my favorite Starburst. Again, it grew on me and it actually is my favorite now.
82. Leland and I once drove to Philly to get a cheesesteak sandwich. After hours of driving and getting sick, we headed home without ever having a cheesesteak sandwich.
83. My dog Bacchus, aka The Bachman, is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is the best free thing I ever got. A breeder I work with at the clinic gave him to me because he is a genetic reject. He has an under bite and his back feet angle out a little.
84. He was named after the Roman god of wine and merriment.
85. He is the happiest dog in the world and I honestly think he can bring world peace.
86. After Katrina, I volunteered at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. It was one of the centers around the area the evacuees were sent to. It was one of the most emotional events of my life.
87. While I was there I met a woman in her early 20’s whose husband abandoned her and their 3 kids right after the storm hit. I still wonder what happened to her.
88. I really like globes and maps. Don’t ask me why, I just think they are very cool.
89. Sick dogs have covered me in poop more times than I would like to admit. It’s just part of the job.
90. I was a typical girl of the ‘80s. I wore long dangly earrings, lots of blue eye shadow, tight rolled jeans, brightly colored socks and I wore my bangs standing straight up. The pictures are hilarious.
91. I love getting the mail. Though it usually contains bills, which I don’t love. But occasionally I’ll get some fun coupons or a catalog to flip through. And sometimes I’ll even get handwritten letters or cards. Remember those?
92. If I could do anything in the world and money wasn’t an issue, I would go to Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris.
93. I am awesome at blog stalking people.
94. I don’t like having dust on my hands. I’m okay with any other type of shmutz, but dust dries out my hands and makes them itchy. I would much rather have them covered in oil and grease.
95. I have never listened to a book on disc. I love stories and read all the time, but I like to be holding the book in front of me. While I’m driving I would much rather rock out to some music.
96. I read so much that I made myself near-sighted. This may not have happened if I listened to books on disc.
97. For my day job I work in sales. Fastener sales to be exact. To make a living I sell nuts and screws. Not very exciting. Though I do like that the boss leaves me alone and isn’t in the office very often so I can do things like write this list.
98. I am planning a trip to Hawaii approximately one year from now and I am hoping to go swimming with sharks while I am there.
99. I have never seen a sunrise.
100. I talk with my hands all the time. Even if I am on the phone. Lee once saw me riding on the back of my neighbor’s motorcycle talking with my hands. I know no one can see me, but I cannot help it. Sometimes I even talk with my hands when I am talking to myself.

WHEW!!! That was hard. Okay, enough about me! Now it's time to celebrate YOU!!!!

First an award to pass out, then a giveaway!

The award was passed on to me by Vodka Logic.

"What is a Superior Scribbler? One who employs mad skillz to communicate in this crazy, crazy world. Who pontificates, explains, memorializes & entertains. Who has a funny bone & is not afraid to use it. Whose cyber-crib we return to again & again, because it just feels right."

Below are the "rules" of the award.

**Each Superior Scribbler I name today must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.

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I read lots of blog because they are all pretty fansmashingtastic, so choosing 5 proved to be tricky. The 5 I chose are:

Mandy's Life After 30

Steph in the City

Life As I Know It

Mean Girl Garage

Ever Thine. Ever Mine. Ever Ours.

Please check out these blogs! They are so fun to read!

And finally...

The Giveaway!

Because I love all of you so much I will be giving one lucky winner this:

A Fandango Gift Card for $25! All you have to do it leave a comment on this post and I will draw a name on Monday.

In the past few months I have seen my blog get more and more readers and it is so exciting for me that all of you want to read it! Thank you so much for all of your love and support! Here's to another 100 posts!


yellowdoggranny said...

I'm amazed at how many things we have a like..really..kinda spooky..maybe your my kid ?..haha
congratulations on your 100 posts..i think my last post was my 1,715th or something like that...keep it up girl..your doing good..

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I could not think of 100 things to say about myself. I think i would end up with things like "my underwear is 3 years old" not good.

Dollface said...

Happy 100!! and thanks for the 100 things about you... xxxoxoo

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

Great post - I too love to parallel park! I thought I was weird but maybe not...

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

I kill plants, too. I don't get it.

I ♥ tulips.

I was a girl scout for so freaking long that I had to be in a younger troop because there weren't enough people my age to make a troop. I got my mom to let me quit but she was mad for a while.

I think I'll read that Atlas book.

Apple pie is 'ew'.

17 minutes? Bwahaha

Ok. I'll stop now. You get it. I like this post.


rachaelgking said...

Awww, congrats!

I think Billy has like, half of my top ten favorite songs tied up. ;-)

Anonymous said...

congratulations on 100 posts!!!

I love brownies too and you need to teach me how to parallel park! I'm pretty opinionated too IRL, I try to contain it in bloggy world :-)

Suzi Q said...

We have a suprising amount of things in common. I was going to list them all but then figured my comment may be as long as your post! I posted 100 things about me for my 100th post too!

Carma Sez said...

OMG. So many awesome things to comment on:

Now, you know I am partial to fact no. 56 ;-)

Congrats on your boobs being featured!!!

I didn't think I had that much road rage until this week when I flipped someone off (who deserved it) and then threw my hands up in the air in response to someone throwing their hands up in the air

Yes, new books do smell fab!!

I hope you do someday realize your dream to go to culinary school in Paris...

Intense Guy said...

Goodness that was a list! I read it earlier but had to come back and give it the time it deserved.

I found items 18, 22, 47, 70, 75 odd enough to think I could have fallen in love with you.

I have to say me too to 4, 58, 73.

If you ever come back to my hometown - Philadelphia - the cheesesteaks are on me!

Vodka Logic said...

Congrats on 100 and thanks for Steph in the City..great blog.

heres to 100 more..cheers


Intense Guy said...

P.s., Congrats on the 100 posts!

I hope you reach 1,000 and then 10,000 posts someday!

I'll even read 1,000 or 10,000 about you too - so you might start on those now... :)

Stephanie Faris said...

An award. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Congrats on reaching 100. That's amazing. And the fact that you can come up with that many facts about yourself astounds me. I'm not nearly as interesting as you are. I don't have to come up with 100 do I? :-) I had a hard time coming up with 7!

Lori said...

Hi! I love your list! Congrats on your 100th posting!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! That is AWESOME that you volunteered after Katrina! What an experience! And I love book stores and Harry Connick too!!
And thanks for the award!!

Have you called the Pope yet??

Samantha said...

Girl, you need to wake up early tomorrow and watch the sunrise! I'm Polish, too, but definitely NOT a good parallel parker!

Congrats on 100 posts! I'll make it there some day... :)

Missy said...

Congrats on 100 posts!

Stopping in from SITS.

JennyMac said...

Congrats on your 100th post..and your fab award.

I love Harry Connick too. He is incredible in concert. And I love that you still wish on stars. So awesome.

But the breaking of the tailbone...mmmmm....ouch!

Hi from Seattle Y.G.!

Beth Dunn said...

I love your list. I'm a billy joel uptown girl fan myself! xo

MommyBrain said...

I'm with you on the NKOTB as my first concert :) And I would like to be on the receiving end of your yummy baked goods! The only way I can parallel park is without any other cars around.

Congrats on 100 ... isn't this fun? :)

I Love Brownies said...

I would have left a comment with or without the contest.
I'm amazed at the variety of things you posted about yourself. Very cool!
You must see a sunrise and I would suggest you schedule it when you are in Hawaii - then go back for the sunset.
Congrats on reaching this milestone and here's to hundreds more!

Anonymous said...

WHAT Archie proposes to Veronica!! I haven't picked up an Archie comic in forever. So outta the loop on that one.

Congrats on your 100th post. I just recently celebrated mine!


Congrats on hitting 100! I'm so impressed that you had 100 entertaining things to say about yourself.

Wine and brownies are two of my favorite things. I also have severe parking lot rage which causes several of my friends to automatically engage the window lock when I get into their cars. No fun.

Hit 40 said...

I love apple season too!! Ohio has great apples in the fall. Yummy.

Swimming with sharks...

your brave!! How about just spouse swapping with a condom?? Sounds safer??

Mandy said...

Whew, I'm exhausted reading all that! But love your random list.

And thank you, thank you for the award! I'm truly honored and will pass it on to some deserving others as soon as I'm able to. I appreciate the love. Back at cha!

Here are my comments on your 100 things, in the order that I wrote them:

LOL at the New Orleans gay bar! Was it Oz? I'm from the Nola area. Miss it sooo much!

I Love Harry Connick Jr too - New Orleans boy. Plus he's hot!

I have a B.A. in English (are we twins? :-)

I bruise easily too - I even called Child Protection Services on myself!

I'd love your chili recipe!

LMAO on the telemarketer waiting - you should get an air horn and blow it directly into the phone for kicks!

Oh, stop copying off of me - my fave color is green too. It's my birthstone (August) too.

That is so sad about that Hurricane Katrina victim. We still lived near New Orleans when it happened and we saw first-hand devastation. Good for you with what you did!

Okay, I'm friggin' tired now and this is the LONGEST comment I've ever made. Perhaps even the longest comment in history. But at least you know I read your entire post! ;-)

Thanks again for the award and stop blog stalking me! :-)

Anonymous said...

New Kids was my first concert too! I think I was in the 3rd grade. My mom was super cool back then :-)

Organic Meatbag said...

Congrats on your 100th post and awards!