Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Eventful Week...Finally Getting Caught Up!

Where do I begin? Let's see...

Siren arrived on Tuesday night with her boyfriend Charlie Brown. We jumped and hugged and screamed like little girls while Charlie Brown and Hot Husband laughed at us. We spent the entire night just sitting around talking and drinking. And didn't go to sleep until 3am even though I had to work in the morning. Needless to say, I was a wreck on Wednesday. Lucky for me the boss was out of the office all day. Somehow I was able to make it through the day without having to talk to or see anyone. When I got home, we all went to visit my family for a while, then came home, had dinner, and proceeded to stay up again til 3am talking and drinking. Together we planned out an entire movie we plan on writing which we are sure will make us millions of dollars! Right now it's top secret, but I might have to spill some details from pure excitement.

On Thursday we all went to Chicago, and since this was Charlie Brown's first visit to Chicago, we went to the Sears Tower and did the touristy thing, then went to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Institute. The Art Institute opened a new Modern Wing a few months ago and it was really cool to check out. We finished the night at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs lose to the Dodgers. It was a sad story but the $6.50 Oldstyle got us all through it. We made it home around midnight and then continued our habit of sitting around and chatting til 3am.

On Friday Siren and I woke up early and got manis and pedis. We then went to the local jewelry store and spent the rest of the morning trying on beautiful pieces of jewelry neither of us can afford. Siren and Charlie Brown left around 2pm, right as my sister was going into labor. Friday night was crazy and fun and exciting, and I still can't believe there is another baby in the family.

On Sunday Siren and Charlie Brown came back and stayed with us so they could be all rested up for their long drive back to Austin, TX. This was the only night of their stay that we made it to sleep before midnight.

It is now the middle of the week, and as much as I would love to have a relaxing weekend after the week of chaos and mayhem, Hot Husband and I are leaving on Friday to spend the weekend with our friend Eric who is living in KY for the time being. Sexy D and his girlfriend Traveler will be coming with us, so I know there is no sleep in store for me this weekend!


Intense Guy said...


A sign of a great visit is needing to sleep for a week afterwards!

I'm going to the movie theater now to camp out before the line forms for your movie.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!!!

Carma Sez said...

Have a blast this weekend. Were you able to save the picture of the award to your my documents file? Once you do, you can put it up in blogger the same way you did with the SITS badge..