Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Bachman, Part 2

The Bachman is at home and seemingly doing better. He hasn't vomited all day, but he hasn't pooped (yes, I am talking about dog poo on my blog!) all day either. When I took the x-ray this morning all I could see was poop. So him not pooping can mean that he is blocked by an obstruction in his bowels. If he doesn't push some out soon then we'll have to discuss surgery. Hopefully he doesn't wait too long!

I'm trying to remain positive because he is acting like himself again and has stopped vomiting. And even if we have to cut him, I work with the best doctors ever and I know he'll be well taken care of.

I promise to update all of you on the status of his poo very soon!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh I sure hope everything goes OK with him!! He is a doll.

I'm a fan of your site...go check out my blog for details.

Atomic Lola said...

Whew! Yes keep the updates coming. Glad to hear he's home and not puking.

Intense Guy said...

Hope the doggy is ok...

I gots attached to him just looking at his cute lil' picture.