Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hot Husband is in Mourning

Hot Husband is mourning the loss of an 8ft icicle that was hanging off our house. He has been watching it grow for the past week and has been ridiculously excited about it. Every morning before we went to work and every evening after we got home, he would check the icicle status. This morning he was super pumped to find that it was over 8ft long and planned on taking some pictures of it this evening. Much to his dismay, we came home to a house that was lacking the huge icicle. Its remnants were scattered in the driveway. He claims the loss of the icicle is the saddest story ever. I'm trying to be there for him and comfort him in his time of great loss.

The Bachman is in total denial about the icicle and is still super pumped.

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AudioMachina said...

God, I seriously think something is wrong with him sometimes. I mean, I love him and all, but still, the boy ain't right.