Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Little Pity Party...Wanna Join Me?

I should be in a fabulous mood because I'm not working at the clinic tonight. When the weather gets bad I guess people stop playing with their dogs and thus, the dogs stop getting hit by cars. So the clinic is super slow and since I'm a relief tech, I was relieved of working today. And to be honest, I was pumped to hear I didn't have to work. That high only lasted for a few moments because then I got a call from Hot Husband. Hot Husband is in Florida this week for work. FLORIDA! He is in Florida while I am in Illinois dealing with snow. He is in Florida and enjoying 75 degree temps while I am in Illinois dealing with temps that are struggling to hit 20. Ugh! I know it's a work trip, but he still gets to have some fun in the sun while I have to shovel our long ass driveway. I am feeling very, very sorry for myself right now.

The Bachman, on the other hand, is ecstatic. He was bred to swim in subzero temperatures and he thinks snow is the bees knees. While I shiver outside to throw the ball for him, he romps in the snow like it was put there simply for him. And honestly, it has to be there simply for him because I know no one else who asks for the stuff. Usually he curls up beside me whenever I use the computer, but right now, he is standing with his head laying on my lap, wagging his tail, asking to go outside again. Of course I'll give in and put my hat and mittens back on, because he is the Bachman and he deserves to get what he wants, simply for being the Bachman.

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Elisabeth said...

Sorry, sis that you aren't in FL with H.H. I am sure Bachman really enjoyed you playing with him though!