Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

It's Tuesday. That means two things:
1. I made it through the dreaded Monday. It was a physically demanding day at work and it was a physically demanding evening at home. I mowed the lawn, did the dishes and the laundry.

2. I'm at my office that has internet access so I'm spending most of my time messing around online and not actually doing any work.

This weekend was fairly uneventful (which I enjoy) except for the multiple conversations I had with Siren. She has decided to visit in a few weeks so we can actually work on our movie script. Siren and I have a history of coming up with crazy things we want to do and then never follow up on any of them. At one time or another we have decided to open a school together, start a literary magazine, open a bakery (which we still talk about but will have to wait until we live in the same state), among other things that aren't suitable to talk about online. The movie is our newest love child.

Siren wrote up an outline a week ago and now Leland and I have to read it and make notes. Leland also has to start working on the music. Especially the theme song. If I win the giveaway Carmasez is hosting, I will be swimming in stickers to help promote Murderboner and can be used as a prop. Most of the other props will be easy to find, except for the codpieces which will also have to be made. Do you know anyone having a giveaway for codpieces?

On a separate note, the dead bird that Leland found and wanted to add to his collection is gone. The circle of life continues and I don't have to watch him boil birdy remains on the stove.


Intense Guy said...

Well... you can always the "other things that aren't suitable to talk about online" in your movie!

...and some animal is probably happy to have found a free meal. If Leland is lucky, they ...um... left the undigestable parts behind for him.


I put in an entry over at Carmasez on how my stickers would say Murderboner...

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the script! And yuck on the birdie remains!

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, I just looked at your blog header and you have a Honda Element? That's what I have. Only mine's green. I like your silver one better.

JennyMac said...

dead bird...ugh. But best of luck on the note taking. :)

Carma Sez said...

Other things that are not suitable to talk about online. hmmmm...that sounds like the most exciting pursuit! But a movie script has got to be a blast too. Do you think you can work a cheeseball cameo into the pic. Just a quick flash in the background of one of the settings? Meantime, I'll let you know if I should stumble upon a codpiece giveaway. Which reminds me we need to start working on my son's Renaissance costume soon! No codpieces will be involved.

Carma Sez said...

Did I just read that strugglingwriter prefers a silver Element to a Green Element? I am writing in to disagree :D

Carma Sez said...

Did I mention thanks for the shout out? GAH, I didn't. Could you possibly make some codpieces from Murderboner stickers?

Penelope said...

Eew! birdy remains?

Work mondays are tough, so it's nice you get to relax tuesday *wink*


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Gross...really boil the bird on the stove?!!!

I wish I had access to my blog at work. The school district blocks everything!!!

Spirit Jump said...

and now its Wednesday so its even better

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Ms. Garrison said...

Hello my dearest, Siren here. I bloodly fucking love you and our love child. The babies we make are born of untapped genius and pure boredom. When these two fornicate beauty is born! ok, at least good conversation is born. can't wait to see to start our video diary that will use against your ass when we are old and wrinkly.