Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Go Cubs Go

On Saturday I went to my first Cubs game of the season. Hot Husband and I took our friends JD and Sonic with us. We usually make it to about 5 games a year and this was probably the nicest day I have ever been at the ballpark. 70 degrees. Sunny. A very calm SW wind. Sort of unusual for early May at Wrigley Field.

Dos Equis Ambar is my favorite beer, but for some reason I absolutely love Old Style Light when I am at the ballpark. We all drank a lot, and because the Cubs beat the Marlins 6-1, we did a lot of cheering and chest bumping. Here is a picture of Hot Huband and I chest bumping at the Captain Morgan Club after the game.

And here is a group pic with JD and Sonic.

After 4 Old Style Lights, 1 bratwurst, 2 orders of nachos with peppers and 1 licorice rope, 1 win by the Cubs and approximately 65 chest bumps, I made it home just in time to pick up some beer and start all over with friends for the evening.


Intense Guy said...

Happiness is a well bumped chest.

littlesack said...

sounds like the perfect day! I love ballpark fun on warm days...