Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home for Sale

No one has ever called me a clean person. Piling clothes on the floor all over the house is one of the things I do best. I am allergic to the vacuum and refuse to put the dishes in the dishwasher until the kitchen sink is full. So full that I can no longer use the faucet. So please take a moment and imagine how painful it is for this Yankee to be selling her house. Selling a house is the biggest annoyance I have encountered in my life so far. Yes, there are other annoying things like being woken up at 3am because Hot Husband gets a call from work, or noticing a bare toilet paper roll when it is already too late. But as frustrating as these things are, there is only one thing that has pushed me to the brink of madness: the "For Sale" sign in my front yard.

Call me Naive (yes, the capitalization is on purpose), but I actually thought this would be easy and would require little to no work. Yes, this is my first time, so I am very inexperienced. I had no idea that realtors would expect my home to be a showcase. MY HOME! Even on its cleanest days it has never been a showcase! I find myself waking up every morning hoping no one calls to see the house so I don't have to run around in a torred frenzy to clean it. Shouldn't I be hoping people do call so I'll be one step closer to moving? This is all too much for me. Thank goddess Hot Husband is a neat freak. However, he is out of town this week so the cleaning has been left up to me. I'm sure he won't be surprised to come home and see I've done nothing. Ooh! I just remembered I did do something! Yay for me! I taped the dining room so it'll be ready to paint when he gets home.

When the decision to move was first made, I decided that I would do something around the house every day. During the week after work I thought I could come home and pack one box every night. On the weekends I figured I would do some of the bigger projects like painting and cleaning the basement. So far I haven't packed a single box and haven't started painting. The basement is clean only because Hot Husband stayed home from work one day to clean it. I really need to step up my game.

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