Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life in Nashville

First of all, it has been so long since I have logged into my account that I don't even know how to use blogger anymore.  What happened to the list of blogs I read and follow?  Somebody help me.

Second, I have moved from Chicago to Nashville.  We moved about two months ago.  As to be expected, the move was stressful.  Leland started working in September so he commuted during the week while I was home packing up the house.  It was not a fun month.  Naturally, being the neurotic person I am, there were a lot of highs and lows.  It was hard for me to be away from Leland during the weeks, it was hard for me to pack the house by myself, it was hard to say goodbye to my family.  Tears were everywhere.  But then I had times when I was so excited, there were times I loved packing my house and throwing things away.  There were times I couldn't wait to get out of town.  I was a hot mess. 

I lived in Woodstock my whole life.  It was home in every possible way.  I love that town.  But moving on was just something I needed to do.  It was something we needed to do.  So we left on October 11th.  I didn't cry. 

Now I live in the south.  It is so weird.  People ask me how I like it and I think the only honest response I can give them is it's too soon to tell.  But so far I love the weather (though I haven't been through a summer yet) and I love my house.  And Nashville seems like a cool city.  But that's all I know right now.  Leland is happy with his job and I am unemployed. 

I love being unemployed.

But I really need to figure out what to do with my time.  Should I work on my stand-up comedy even though there really isn't much of a comedy scene in Nashville?  Should I work on my writing?  Should I start knitting?  I'm a bit lost here.  Even this post is choppy and distracted and I don't know what to do with it to make it flow.  I am still trying to figure out life in  a new town and I am still trying to figure out what I want my new life to look like.


Intense Guy said...

:) Google did something to "Blogs I Follow" and to the feed stream several months ago - but it wasn't completely done (as far as I can see, because I still see your posts in my feed) but the Google folks are changing things every other minute or two.

I'm happy to see you have made it to Nashville. I suspect a comedy routine "mocking Minnie Pearl" or "Buck Owens" wouldn't fly - but HeeHaw ran for what seems like forever.

Can you email me your new addy? :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

Before you get too caught up in getting back to an everyday routine, pretend you're a tourist and really explore the city. I lived several places and just take for granted all the cool things a place has to offer and move on before I ever visit them.

After visiting places you can write a funny type of travel guide for Yankees who come to visit & what to expect.

Sarah said...

Start following blogs through bloglovin. Glad you made it to Nashville! I'm sure it'll be some getting use to! Looking forward to reading all about your new adventure!

Vodka Logic said...

How exciting to start a new life in a vibrant city. Do as Little Miss Blogger said...explore.

yellowdoggranny said...

wow..first time I've checked here in ages and it's your first day back...learn how to drink sweet tea and you'll be fine.