Friday, January 29, 2010

On The Road

Leland and I love road trips. Together we have driven to Philadelphia, New Jersey, New Orleans, South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, West Virginia, and probably a couple other places that I am forgetting right now.

Last weekend we were driving around running errands and we realized that it has been almost two years since our last road trip. That is entirely too long for us. Over the nearly 8 years of our relationship we have taken a road trips approximately every 6 months. So as you can imagine, we are experiencing some road trip withdrawal symptoms. We had planned on going to Austin, Texas after this past Christmas and that fell through for various reasons, and then our ice fishing excursion in Minnesota also fell through due to Leland’s work schedule.

We need a road trip.

For the sake of our sanity.

For the sake of our relationship.

So while we were running our errands and missing our road trips, we opened our handy atlas and started looking for a place to go.

Well, Leland pulled out the atlas and started naming places off to me. I was driving. Driving and looking at the atlas is not a smart combination.

After tossing around a few ideas such as camping in the Grand Canyon and driving west to Seattle, we decided to take an east coast road trip.

Our plan?

First we will head to West Virginia to visit a friend there, then stop in DC, Baltimore, Philly, New York, and then drive up the coast to Maine, stopping in every state along the way.

We have plans to make Intense Guy take us to Pat’s and Geno’s for cheese steaks.

I am expecting The Single Girl and her man and beautiful baby to meet us for dinner.

And any other of you east coasters to let me know where you live and if you want to show us around your town. I am always up for meeting my friends!

The only bad part?

We are waiting until July to take the trip. Since we are planning on taking at least two weeks, we have to do that whole saving money thing. At least we have something to look forward to and plan. I love planning road trips.

p.s. Does anyone live in Delaware? I was looking online for things to do in Delaware and have found nothing. There has to be something to do!


Intense Guy said...

I'll be looking for you!!


And Delaware is a nice state. If you would like a boat ride - you could visit Delaware City and take the ferry to Fort Delaware - or even go to Lewes and take the ferry to New Jersey (and back)

The Dover air Force Base has a big Air Transport Museum - and the stock car race track (not sure when the race is this year) - drop me an email with your interests ... maybe I can think of something?

Oh.. I wanted to thank you for introducing me to aladdinsane12. I've really enjoyed her blog!

Cathy said...

Don't give up on MN! It could be a quick trip...when it gets a little warmer.

JT and I spend a week this past summer driving up the coast of Maine. It was awesome. We flew into Boston, drove up to the Cape Ann area(Mass), then up to Portland(Maine), on to Bar Harbor(Maine), back down to Georgetown(Maine), then to Boston again for a few days. So fun!

Dollface said...

Glad you are stopping through new york!! and July the weather should awesome... xxxoo

jv726 said...

That is so exciting! I love road trips too! (Too bad you didn't get to go ice fishing, I live in MN and I wouldn't do it! :))
My hubby and I are taking our first really long road trip this summer for our first anniversary trip! We are going from Minneapolis to Banff Canada (I cant FREAKING wait to see that place!!) then down to Glacier NP, Yellowstone NP, and then back thru SD to Custer and the Black HIlls and all that jazz!
Your road trip sounds amazing, I would love to drive up the East Coast!! :)Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

The long road trip is the best thing there is, what you get to see and do is something you can't experience any other way.



Ooh, this sounds like so much fun! I know pretty much zero about the east coast, but have a close friend from MD and she is always going on about the seafood.

Holly Lefevre said...

Sounds like an adventure! What fun!

Happy Friday Follow! Enjoy the weekend!


Vodka Logic said...

you have to stop in Boston. Sooooo much history. And I live near there :)

Mademoiselle Deva said...

Have a great time!!! Take some photos to share with us!

aladdinsane12 said...

Ooh, that'll be fun! I did that with my parents when I was really young, but I remember it being a great time and very beautiful. I'm sure you can find something to do in Delaware...and if not, get drunk!

Anonymous said...

i love roadtrips!
i've only been on one proper one that wasn't with family, but i have to say, it was one of the most fun weekends i've ever had.
it's so good seeing other parts of your country/world!
hope you have fun :)

Carma Sez said...

I don't think there is anything to do in Delaware. I suggest you skip it and spend more time in NYC!!!!

yellowdoggranny said...

come thru west, texas i'll buy you a skunk egg and a dublin dr pepper.

lonjf2 said...

If you can steal some time for Austin, try this road trip

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I grew up in New York....LOVE IT. Maine is just breathtakingly gorgeous!!!

How fun!!!!

Dual Mom said...

Sounds like a great road trip! And if you're ever on the east coast of Canada I can totally be your tour guide!! lol

carolineAlexander said...

New york is very cold, very very cold. My thermometer is reading 4 this morning....I need warmer weather. Summer would be so much nicer


Melissa B. said...

Are you gonna go on the bike or by car? 'Cause DC/Baltimore is pretty humid in July. You might melt!

Shelley said...

Visiting from The Trendy Treehouse Follow Me Friday!! I'm a new follower! Love for you to come visit me!

Have a great weekend!

Tracie said...

What part of WV are going to be in? I'm not far from the Huntington/Charleston area.


ok i was thinking - she is nuts - does she not know how cold it is right now? but then i read july

sounds like a great trip

Alison said...

I've always wanted to take road trips like that! I've never been much of anywhere! It's a little difficult to do now with 3 kids, but I hope that one day my hubby and I can do that! Hope ya'll have a great trip! Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog!!

Aubrey said...

Too bad, you're not going the other way on the East Coast or you could come see us in SC. My bestest lives in Delaware; I have visited her twice and there was very little to do, so we hit the bars at U of Delaware.

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

I just gasped. NOT KIDDING.

How the FRIG did I miss THIS post?!


Me? ME?!

You best keep these plans, missy. You got yourself a dinner date.