Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Will be a Band Wife Once Again

The noise is moving back into my basement. For three years, Hot Husband's band practiced in our basement. When we decided to relocate last October, the band broke up. After listening to heavy metal music three days a week, it was nice to have some quiet in the house again. Though admittedly, I started to miss the noise in the basement. The sadness will be short lived because Hot Husband and our BFF Sexy D have just started another band. They are going for hardcore death metal with lots of crazy guitar action and one badass drummer. It promises to be very loud and to leave me wondering why I ever missed the noise in the first place.

Hot Husband is on the left of the photo. Sexy D is on the right. This pic was taken at a show they played with their old band. Oh yeah, and something you all might find interesting....the name of the new band is Murderboner.


Atomic Lola said...

Men and their band names.

Good luck to you!

Carma Sez said...

Most awesome male band name ;-)

Intense Guy said...

When is Stink gonna be in the band! :)