Friday, April 3, 2009

Bog Juice

Hot Husband and I just got home from work. We are a one car family so he picked me up and we drove home together. Usually we are talkative and laugh, and on Fridays we have even been known to make up "Yay Friday" cheers in the car. Today was different. We are both being mope-a-lopes and we rode home in silence.

Then Hot Husband decides he is going to shake up our Friday night by making us a shot. He called it Bog Juice and I didn't ask questions. I just drank it down. After I asked for another he gave me the recipe.

Bog Juice:
1/2 shot Everclear
1 shot UV Blue
2 shots grapefruit juice

I thought the first Bog Juice shot was pretty good, but I asked him to make a Bog Juice 2.0 version with 1 shot less of grapefruit juice. It was a lot better only now my insides feel like they are burning. We're going out for Mexican to get rid of the burn. Then I'll have a whole different kind of burn going on!

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

hahaha on the last sentence. Um, I bet you went out feeling good! Yum now I want mexican.