Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Hours of Wasted Time

I just realized that I have been sitting at my desk at work for two hours doing nothing but staring out the window. I have no idea what I was thinking about for these two hours. They are now lost. After I came to, I talked to Hot Husband and we came up with a short list of jobs I might actually enjoy doing.

1. Work at a bookstore. I have a serious book problem and working in a bookstore would be my version of heaven.

2. Waitress. I've never done it before and I might actually be good at it. I am very charming. Plus, I like running around like a crazy woman and being a waitress would allow me to get paid to do it.

3. A taxi cab driver. I really like to drive.

4. A Vet Tech. I already do this a little, but being able to do it full time would be awesome. All I need is for Hot Husband to get a kick ass job in Austin and I'm on my way to working at a animal clinic.

5. Writer. I really enjoy writing...I just need something to write about.

6. Be a baker. I love to bake and dream of opening my own bakery one day. I love making sweet things and giving them away. A sexy cupcake or a cute little cookie will never fail to put a smile on someone's face.

So that's my list. I know I am capable of doing anything I want, I just have no idea what that is. Making up my mind is nearly impossible for me. One day I'll figure it out, right?

Just for a quick update, Hot Husband did finish his resume before I got home from Austin so there was no flipping my lid. He is now in the process of looking and applying for jobs. The waiting game has begun. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I'm glad you didn't have to flip your lid!!!

I was a waitress for 4 years and loved it!!