Friday, August 9, 2013

Yankee Bitch to Southern Belle?

I started this blog 5 years ago (I think, I just don't want to look through my archives to confirm) because Leland and I were planning on moving to Austin, TX.  Well Austin never panned out and I kept the blog going anyway, writing various nonsense about anything from private emotional issues I was having to the crazy sexcapades I was having with Leland.  And then I stopped blogging because my life was becoming pretty damn perfect, which in my case equaled boring.

Which brings me to this morning and this post. 

I am sitting in an office that is decorated in Ole Miss swag in Nashville, TN.  Leland is on a pseudo interview.  I say 'pseudo' because it's really not much of an interview at all.  Leland has done some work for this company in the past year and now they want to bring him on full time, which would lead to one hell of an adventure for me: moving out of my beloved city of Chicago and on to Nashville, TN.

I've been here for exactly 51 minutes and I am already experiencing culture shock.  I think it is fair to say that my life will be far from boring for the next few months as we will be moving to a new state and getting settled in.  I will have to find a new job (which I could not be more excited about as I loathe the job I have now), find a new favorite restaurant, find my way around town, make new friends, find new doctors, etc.

Welcome back to my crazy life!


Intense Guy said...

Hugs -

I think this sort of change might just be the thing for you!

I owe you a long, long overdue email!

Carma Sez said...

Yippeeeeeee Yahoooooo - YG is back!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this works out - it will be a wonderful adventure - and just what you need to get out of that rut you are in and away from you nightmare of a job!

Sarah said...

Welcome back! Missed your blog!
Good luck on the move to Nashville!

The Random Blogette said...

Are you really back? I was thinking about you when I read Brittany Gibbons blog post about having sex everyday for a year.. did you read that yet? And because of that it made me go back to your blog again and well, well, well, Here you are lady!

Little Ms Blogger said...

How did the move go? Did you discover weird stuff when packing and think WTH? I know when I had to clear out my dad's house after Storm Sandy, I removed a bag from the clothes' closet, opened it and discovered it was a bag of rocks. What my parents were thinking is beyond me. All I could think of was the Charlie Brown Halloween special when Charlie Brown got a rock at every house he'd go to.